J’écoute, tu écoutes, elle écoute …

August 6, 2009

Piaf’s maman saw the site for the first time today. She was impressed, but …

“It’s quite long in places,” she said.

 “You need the odd shorter post,” she said.

 I think she meant biting comment on breaking news or thinking aloud.

But I shall take her at her word.

Here, then, is Claude François being bizarre, even by his own standards, and the coolest Frenchman ever, Jacques Dutronc – two more singalongs from the days in the kitchen in Peckham. 

They knew how to have fun in those days …


2 Responses to “J’écoute, tu écoutes, elle écoute …”

  1. Bea said

    Why? Why is Jacques Dutronc wandering around a silk screen, stoned?

    Good blog. Good luck with teaching the nipper French. Next time I am in London, the Mrs and I will drop in and speak appalling Franglais to her and confuse her thoroughly.

    • papaetpiaf said

      That’s just Jacquot being Jacquot …

      The first time I heard that song (in a cinema in nice in the film, “on connait la chanson”) I KNEW I wanted to be French.

      Meeting up would be v nice. Does your good lady wife also speak French then? Or would you be translating for both of you?

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