Je n’en reviens pas, tu n’en reviens pas, elle n’en revient pas …

August 13, 2009

You may remember I mentioned TV5 once before, describing it as, at times, “worthy to the point of boring.” We had it on this morning. After the Canadian Francophone news (does exactly what it says on the tin) there was an extra dose of cartoons – presumably there’s currently a school holiday somewhere in the world. I left Piaf watching them and went to get dressed.

I came back downstairs to find they were showing – at half past eight in the morning – a gardening programme. But not just any gardening programme.

No makeovers, no Francophone Charlie Dimmock, no flowers, no shrubs, not even any vegetable patches.

This was apparently a half-hour programme about how to make compost. I kid you not. The combined might of the Francophone cultures of the world, who, in Europe alone, gave us thousands of stars in all disciplines, from Brel to Hergé, from Gainsbourg to Sartre (thank you Egypt, too, for Cloclo), now equates entertainment and enlightenment with the rotting times for bark and twigs.

On the other hand, the drama series they show in the evenings about the nun who solves crimes with the help of the internet is something else …


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