Je lis, tu lis, elle lit …

August 14, 2009

We both read to Piaf a lot, and have done pretty much from day one. In fact, I’d bought her first books before she was even born (in English, ironically, so I never got to read them with her – it was during the period when I was doubting my decision.)

We both see reading as very important; we both love reading ourselves (what do non-readers do to stop going mad on solitary bus journeys?); and, in my case, I am particularly keen for Piaf to read, as I hope the author will then become another French “voice” for her in an Anglophone world.

I even started teaching her to read in French (using Glenn Doman’s How To Teach Your Baby To Read ) which was great as far as it went, but didn’t hold her attention quite as much as Glenn said it would, and also I started worrying it would work too well and she would stand out as a freak at school, so that’s on hold right now.

In the mean time, I thought you might be interested in an approximate and far from exhaustive Top Ten of Piaf’s favourite (French) reads. “Top Ten” is a bit misleading – these are definitely her favourites, but they’re not really in order as their fortunes fluctuate from week to week, and over time the longer, more difficult book tends to gain the whip hand over the shorter, simpler book. But here goes.

All of the links are to Amazon because that’s what most people are familiar with, but also worth a try are Fnac , Grant & Cutler and Au Fil Des Mots in South Kensington (the more famous Librairie Française is just opposite, but I find the staff there know plenty about children’s books but zip about children, plus the old gimmer in charge seemed to hint strongly that I was shoplifting on my last visit, so they can guess again if they think I’m giving them a plug.)

Here’s the list. Bonne lecture à tous.

  1. Vive Le Roi Pépin!
  2. La Chenille Qui Fait des Trous
  3. Oh! C’est A Qui?
  4. Comme Un Grand!
  5. Je Voudrais Que Tu M’Aimes
  6. Ma Maison Animée
  7. Bloub! Bloub! Bloub!
  8. Nao Est En Colère
  9. Chamalo Découvre Les Chiffres
  10. Le Petit Eléphant Et Les Contraires

2 Responses to “Je lis, tu lis, elle lit …”

  1. Abi Tight said

    You set such a great example to the rest of us uni-lingual Brits Mon Brave. Off to Le week long Grand Bornand kids festival dans les Alpes pres d’Annecy le semaine derniere so j’espere que mes enfants sera bi-lingual apres la fete. I speak Franglais myself, as you can see, but do try very hard when I am in France to the French people’s great amusement it out. Votre petite choufleur Piaf will love the video on the site.

  2. papaetpiaf said

    This looks absolutely mad.

    In a good way.

    I think.

    Beats Herne Bay carnival, anyway …

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