Je rectifie, tu rectifies, elle rectifie …

August 16, 2009

Great wedding yesterday (I’m always a fan of weddings, but this one was especially fun – they had fantastic cake and also a ceilidh, which are both guaranteed winners for me) and good to see a lot of faces I haven’t seen for years. A great shame partner and Piaf couldn’t be there, but there we are.

Incidentally, one of the faces from the past had obviously seen the blog and asked after the family. “It’s ‘Piaf’, isn’t it?” she said. And then, “did I pronounce that right?”

It was a good hour later before it struck me. “Oh, no, she thinks that ‘Piaf’ is Piaf’s real name!”

Rest assured, then, if you were in the same boat, that ‘Piaf’ is an affectionate nickname I use instead with and about my daughter instead of her real, and much more prosaic, first name.

No wonder this woman looked at me like I was even weirder than I am. “Lucky it wasn’t a boy,” she was probably thinking, “imagine starting infants’ school saddled with Aznavour for a Christian name …”


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