Je babille, tu babilles, elle babille …

August 19, 2009

The children at Piaf’s cosy, middle-class nursery were in high spirits today when I dropped her off – they are going on an outing. They will go to a park on the bus, taking a picnic lunch with them, and then play in the sandpit, on the slide and on the swings until they come back for their afternoon nap.

I’m not sure how much of this Piaf understood in advance – she doesn’t really “get” past and future yet – but she seemed happy to see her friends (including one of the two other Francophones, just back from a long family holiday.)

I put her at the breakfast table, wished her ” bon app” and said “je t’aime” in her ear.

The 3-year-old next to her, doubtless buoyed by the general good mood, looked at me mischievously.

“Alice’s dad,” he said, chuckling, “why don’t you speak properly?”

Even the kids are against us sometimes …


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