Je feuillette, tu feuillettes, elle feuillette …

August 20, 2009

Having a toasted sandwich lunch yesterday at this place …

I noticed this English children’s magazine on sale (you can find out more here , apparently) …

which put me in mind of this French children’s magazine

which we buy and Piaf likes.

That’s it, really.


3 Responses to “Je feuillette, tu feuillettes, elle feuillette …”

  1. emmak said

    Great blog. I am living in the USA and trying to teach my kids German and it is quite hard, I am not even a native speaker. But getting them to a german speaking country in the summer works wonders.

    • papaetpiaf said

      Thanks for support. Must be hard for you, especially with German – not like you can pop over to Mexico or Canada for that “real” exposure.

      Or do you just head for one of those towns where they still drive buggies and aren’t allowed zips?

      I started to worry for a minute after typing that in case you were just such a person yourself – then I thought that, if you were, you probably wouldn’t be using a computer and blogging …

      Anyway, nice to meet you!

      • emmak said

        Ha ha yes I was recently in Pennsylvania and saw all the Amish walking about in the 90 degree heat – they must have been boiling in their long pants.

        Yes it is hard road with German – I go to Austria sometimes. I am learning Spanish and the kids were recently in Argentina. Maybe I will have to push the spanish. However they do go to a saturday german school here.

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