Je m’intègre, tu t’ intègres, elle s’ intègre …

August 28, 2009

A mixed bag today, and brief with it, because we are off to the out-laws’ house shortly. Maman and I are to spend Saturday night away in a hotel somewhere, while Piaf is relentlessly spoilt by her grandparents (grand’maman and grandpapa, not mamie – more on that another time.)

Leaving nursery today (in a rush – see above) I was accosted by one of the French mums who also happens to be a leader at the Saturday playgroup I have mentioned before . Was I free next weekend, she enquired? Either day would do.

It transpires that I have been accepted into the inner sanctum – I am, it appears, on the informal steering group! My ideas on session organisation, songs to sing, games to play and even dates to meet are to be welcomed by and discussed with the other Chosen Ones. Piaf and I are, it seems, blending in nicely.

The football is about to kick off, I know, so I won’t keep you. But, as it is Friday, and as the weekend promises to be hectic, I couldn’t leave you unentertained. Here’s a rare treat for you.

En route et bon weekend.


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