Je gronde, tu grondes, elle gronde …

September 2, 2009

Difficult morning – it seems I spoke too soon about manners. Piaf is refusing to say “please” and “thank you” in either language and, of course, once you have asked for a please or thank you, it is not obvious how you can back down without reinforcing the message, “cry long enough and you’ll get what you want.” Cue a couple of LONG stand-offs when I should have been in the shower.

She has also learnt, apparently overnight, how to unscrew the top of her milk bottle. She did this during our ritual morning cuddle (affection for her, 5 minutes’ more lie-in for me) with the result that my bed probably now has a decidedly dairy feel about it.

It is hard to stay “in character” in these circumstances, especially when you are not a native speaker – the urge to slip back into the easier language is almost overwhelming. I shall have to brush up my telling off skills in French.

And also, perhaps, my making up skills.


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