Je descends, tu descends, elle descend …

September 28, 2009

Piaf’s tastes in DVDs have broadened since the days when it was Trotro or Trotro (itself an advance on the days when it was Bumba or blank shrieking incomprehension.)

One of her current favourites is the distinctly old-school Bonne nuit les petits. At the end of an episode, she exclaims anxiously, “encore!” as if she has never seen a DVD and doesn’t realise that, actually, the chances of there being more of the same are pretty high.

Her mother, however, is no fan at all. She finds it creepy to the point of wrongness.

Here is an episode on which someone very kind (who? certainly not me, rassurez-vous) has put English subtitles. Wholesome and carefree, or dark and evil?

You decide.


4 Responses to “Je descends, tu descends, elle descend …”

  1. emmanuel bavoux said

    It’s not evil, is it ? Or what part -or line- exactly would be disturbing ? French children were raised upon this for generations and are not more suicidal or violent than other children… The thing is, cartoons with dolls tend to LOOK creepy to foreigners. I think Bagpuss is creepy. But it’s not, is it ? Well, it certainly looks strange anyway…

    • papaetpiaf said

      I don’t think it’s a foreigner thing – I think it’s an adult-child thing. Because, frankly, yes, Bagpuss is creepy. But I am able to “override” that logic because I watched it as a child. I still see Professor Yaffle as a chatty, slightly uppity, woodpecker who then became an old wooden bookend, instead of the horrific and vicious nightmare automaton he clearly is.

    • papaetpiaf said

      But, having said that, I think you would get a fairly international consensus that a gruff-voiced talking bear with no hands who rides on a cloud and climbs a rope-ladder into children’s bedrooms is creepy even within the context of children’s animation.

      He’s nowhere near as cheerful as Bungle, for example.

  2. I think it’s the slightly black and souless eyes of the children’s characters that are a little creepy -a bit like Stepford Wives for kids.

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