J’habille, tu habilles, elle habille …

October 6, 2009

The fact that Piaf understands French is no guarantee that she will act on that understanding. 

Tonight, bath time slipped a bit, so that it was already late when we started getting ready for bed. Piaf cleaned her teeth (and mine) and we got her pyjama bottoms on. 

She grabbed the top off me and started trying to put it on herself. Her face was a mask of joyous concentration. I could see that this could end up taking some time.

“Tu veux que papa t’aide?”


“Piaf, c’est un maillot. Laisse-moi t’aider.” 


 “Oui, c’est ton maillot. Laisse-moi t’aider, ou nous n’aurons pas le temps de lire Charlie et Lola.” (I caved in and ordered it in French from Canada. Quel mug!) 


“Oui. Tu aimes Charlie et Lola, hein? Alors, laisse-moi t’aider.” 


 “D’accord, c’est comme tu veux, j’ai tout mon temps, moi.” 

Nevertheless, minutes went by and we were getting nowhere. Try as she might, she could not get this top on. Even I was starting to get impatient for milk and for Charlie et Lola

I made an executive decision. I held out my hand and swiftly – but not roughly – I took her legs out of the pyjama top, passed it smoothly over her head, sat her on my lap and started to read.

Like this? Try these.

Je suis fatigué, tu es fatigué, elle est fatiguée …

Je confonds, tu confonds, elle confond …


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