It strikes me suddenly that I have not given you any news of your favourite Ligue 2 side and mine, the Norman conquerors themselves, Stade Malherbe de Caen, for over a month!

So let’s put that right, right now.

14ème journée (Friday 6 November 2009)

SM Caen                     0-0                   Tours FC 

13ème journée (Friday 30 October 2009) 

Stade Brestois             2-0                   SM Caen

12ème journée (Tuesday 27 October 2009)

SM Caen                     4-2                   Vannes OC 

11ème journée (Friday 23 October 2009)

 SM Caen                     2-1                   Angers SCO 

10ème journée (Friday 16 October 2009) 

Clermont Foot             1-3                   SM Caen

Only one defeat all season to date – and that to the redoubtable salty sea-dogs of Brest! I couldn’t be prouder if I had actually heard of these teams.

Next match isn’t till next Friday when we take on a town that actually exists, namely Nîmes. This time, I’ll keep you posted. 

Parole de Caennais.


Ils sont vraiment, ils sont vraiment, ils sont vraiment phénoménaux lah-la-la-la-la-lah-lah, lah-la-la-la-la-lah! 

Feel my wrath, Sedan!

“Au classement, le SM Caen reprend la tête du championnat […] et demeure la seule équipe invaincue.”

Take that, you pseudo-Germans!

Like this? Try these.

Je suis fan, tu es fan, elle est fan …

Je m’en foot, tu t’en foot, elle s’en foot …

Je me résigne, tu te résignes, elle se résigne …

Aux chiottes, les Corses!

Play up, you mighty Stade Malherbe – let’s not lose that top of the table position to this lot!

Kick off at 20h30 – be there or be one heck of a carré .

Just a quick reminder to set your recorders for 20h30 (local time) on Friday when we wrestle with FC Arles Avignon in a veritable clash of the Titans! (Presumably Arles has combined with Avignon in a bid to rustle up a combined total of 11 able-bodied men under 65.)

1-0 against Dijon on Tuesday and then 1-1 against those Goliaths of French football, Chateauroux – away, mark you – last night!

We are SM Caen – hear us roar!

2-1 against Bastia! Can nothing stop us? Bring it on, Dijon!

I really need to follow the news more closely – over a month on, and I had no idea about the early retirement of poor Steve Savidan, star striker and erstwhile cornerstone of the Malherbe dream.

On Monday, of course, we took Nantes down to Chinatown. Bastia must be trembling in the boots. Bastia! I mean, who even knew they had a football team?

Will write on what this blog is actually meant to be about later, I promise.


A reminder that SM Caen face the mighty Nantes on Monday.

 Great that we’re in Ligue 2. Just like the old days. For a while there, I admit it, success went to my head.